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Vegan Hallacas


Hallacas (pronounced 'Ajakas') are the centrepiece of the traditional Venezuelan Christmas meal. They are cornmeal parcels that are traditionally stuffed with a combination of slowed-cooked chicken, pork and beef and further enhanced with other ingredients, but in Arepa & Co we don't want our loved vegan family and friends to feel excluded at Christmas, so we have now made our own vegan version of this iconic Venezuelan Christmas dish. We have packed all the goodness of the traditional hallaca but replaced the meat with a delicious plant-based alternative with sweet potatoes and black beans.

These parcels are then wrapped in banana leaves and frozen. On the day you want to enjoy them, just drop them in boiling water for 40 mins and and serve them hot.


This product is sold frozen. If purchased for delivery, these are shipped with ice packs with a 24 hrs delivery service. The approximate weight of each hallaca is 300g. 


  • Buy 6 and get 1 more for free (7 hallacas for the price of 6)


Pick Up and Collection is only available at our Bethnal Green and Stockwell restaurants. You cannot pick up or collect from our Haggerston restaurant.

The last date for delivery is Tuesday 19/12/23 and delivery orders close at 10 pm on on Sunday 17/12/23. After this date, we won't be able to deliver and you will only be able to collect at our Bethnal Green or Stockwell restaurants.


Celery, Soya, Sulphites